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A new Knowledge Path

Knowledge Path is the training platform of Project M, developed by the Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) Migration Program, in alliance with Civic House, Kubadili and Wingu.

Through a simple question and answer game, Knowledge Path allows you to access educational and interactive content, designed specifically for organizations that work for and by migrants throughout the American continent.

In 2022, Knowledge Path was used by more than 150 representatives of organizations that work by and for migrants in the Americas in its four training paths: Organizational Adaptability, Financial Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Racial Profiling.

In 2023, our challenge was to update the platform, make it more stable and improve its usability. For this reason, together with Wingu, we began a discovery process that allowed us to define the necessary changes and advance their implementation.

We invite you to learn the story behind this tool and how it is helping to transform and enhance the impact of organizations that work for and by migrants in the Americas.

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