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Central American migrant experience

HIP would like to make the people that live migration experiences in Central America every day visible—as told by HIP’s partner organizations that provide services and support along the route.

We know that the reasons to migrate and every individual’s circumstances are very different. We are aware of the complexities of the process, from making the decision to leave/flee to the experience of walking and arriving at the destination. We know that journeys are never linear. Nevertheless, we do not want to miss the opportunity to go on this virtual trip—in the context of the Human Rights Summit 2021—and turn it into an acknowledgement of so many people that, on a daily basis, decide to leave their country and embark on this journey—not at all easy—in search of a better life.

Migrant: We use the definition coined by IOM, which refers to any person that crosses an international border, temporarily or permanently, regardless of their legal status. Our use of the term “migrant” therefore includes that wide variety and diversity of people in different situations.

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