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Knowledge Path

Knowledge Path is a platform created by HIP in partnership with Wingu and Kubadili as part of Project M that offers a personalized learning journey based on your and your organization’s needs, with content designed specifically for civil society organizations that work with and for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in the Americas.

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Get practical and applicable recommendations across four themes:

Digital Transformation


Organizational Adaptability


Financial Sustainability


Racial Profiling

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Through a simple game based on how you answer each question, you will unlock achievements, suggestions and gain knowledge.

Create your user account and start strengthening your organization.


How does it work?

Enter Knowledge Path and create your user account (you can create as many as needed for your organization).

Select a knowledge path: Digital Transformation, Organizational Adaptability, Financial Sustainability, or Racial Profiling.


Answer questions and download or print the suggested tools in order to implement the change your organization desires.

You can also view this instructional video (in Spanish) if you’d like to learn more about how to interact with Knowledge Path.

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If you find this platform valuable, spread the word!

Share Knowledge Path with your team and organization so you can gain knowledge & strengthen your work together.

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Would you like to learn about the experience of organizations that already use Knowledge Path?

Listen to the stories of Brenda, Otelo and Teodora in this video.

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