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Venezuelan migrant experience

HIP would like to make the people that live migration experiences every day visible—as told by HIP’s partner organizations that provide services and support along the route.

Venezuelan refugees are now part of the largest massive migration in recent Latin American history, with more than 5 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the Americas and Europe, driven by government corruption, violence, lack of food and medicines (with foreign aid regularly blocked), limited economic opportunities, and an economy suffering from extreme hyperinflation.

In search of security and economic and social stability, most of them have moved to countries like Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and the United States. In many of these places, communities were already struggling against economic and social situations, making it quite difficult to provide relief or opportunities for residents, and even more so for newly arrived migrants.

We do not want to miss the opportunity to go on this virtual trip—in the context of the Human Rights Summit 2021—and turn it into an acknowledgement of so many people that, on a daily basis, decide to leave their country and embark on this journey—not at all easy—in search of a better life.

Migrant: We use the definition coined by IOM, which refers to any person that crosses an international border, temporarily or permanently, regardless of their legal status. Our use of the term “migrant” therefore includes that wide variety and diversity of people in different situations.

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