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What does it mean to be part of COMMUNITY M?

What does it mean to be part of Community M?

💬 Delighted to see the energy, what we are doing, getting to know each other, the power of networking.

💬 What a thrill to build from the horizontal (collaboratively and without hierarchies)!

💬 We are moved and engaged in activities in which we can learn from others.

Being part of the Community M means taking part in conversations to build bridges and collaboration links.

Community M is a space by and for organizations interested in meeting others, creating alliances, and strengthening the network of people working by and for people on the move in the Americas.

We do this by meeting remotely once a month to discover possibilities for collaboration and share urgent conversations around migration.

Join the conversation!

Meetings 2022:


2/23 - done

3/23 - done

4/27 - coming next



Meetings take place at the following times:

12:30 pm PST - Los Angeles

2:30 pm CST - Central America

3:30 pm CDT - Mexico City

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