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Taking care of ourselves to take care of others

This Wednesday, in Community M we will explore one of the issues that compels us the most: the challenges of self-care within our own organizations.

Who will invite us to talk?

Some of the community M organizations will share with us their proposals, tools and reflections on self-care in organizations.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, June 29 - 1:30 hours

12:30 pm PST - Los Angeles

1:30 pm CST - Central America

2:30 pm CDT – Mexico City

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month


▶ New communication channel

We have created a Community M whatsapp group to share relevant information between organizations and find opportunities for collaboration. Join by clicking here.


▶ What is community M?

Community M launched in June 2021 as an active network of HIP partner organizations working in support of people on the move. We meet once a month to discuss possibilities for collaboration and share urgent conversations around migration.

▶ What will I experience if I am part of the meetings?

A dynamic and caring space of 1:30hs where we will create the agenda together to share what is important in our organizations today. We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

▶ Who from my organization can join?

Everyone who is part of HIP’s allied organizations are invited to participate. Do not hesitate to forward this invitation to whoever you think may be of interest.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Learn more about this and other initiatives that we promote in Project M here.

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